Education abroad is a great opportunity to increase your level of education, to get diploma, which is quoted in the European countries, and provide yourself useful links.

LTA has been successfully organizing children and youth education programs, internships for students, professionals, managers and executives, receipt of certificates and diplomas of the international examination systems. 

For your school and college students we arrange the receipt of high-quality secondary and higher education in Europe, America and on any other continent – studying at schools and boarding schools, admission to leading universities and colleges, training in specialized courses (languages, cinema, design, hotel service and etc.)

We find suitable school or college anywhere in the world, choose the best educational and financial plan for students, organize the entire trip “turnkey” and we are always able to advise and support them during their educational trip.

For the youngest students we will find suitable vacation programs, in which leisure is combined with the study of language, communication, and games with the children from other countries.

We also offer full range of programs, business training and refresher courses abroad (international management, information technologies, etc.)

We do our best for that the most prestigious schools and universities of the world become available for you and your children.