Sightseeing tours


Every traveler aspires to not only see the famous places of our planet, but also to learn more about people living there, to understand their culture better and get the collection of the brightest impressions that can be shared with the next generations.

If you want to devote your vacation to the art and culture - to look at the works of great artists in the marble halls of museums, to think of eternal in the reverent silence of the temples, to watch the sensational theatrical performance - inLTI we can organize this meeting with wonder so that not a single moment of your trip passed for nothing... 

All the world's treasures by UNESCO - at your service!

And if you just love new cities – to walk through the ancient streets of Venice, get lost in ultra urban rhythms of Hong Kong, swim in romantic glow of Paris night - we can find and reserve for you the best hotels, restaurants and attractions in the city you want to visit. Any transport - from bicycle to helicopter, any hotel - from private apartments to Four seasons, any requests, wishes and questions we in LTA solve immediately.

Both megapolis and small town it's always a mecca for ancient and contemporary art, gourmet delights, profitable shopping and bright nightlife. Feel yourself a cosmopolitan in the world without borders and see faces that make each city so special and unlike on other.

Gourmets and Epicureans, we invite you to the Gastronomic and Wine tours. Experience the flavors of the world - from the exotic to the tradition in its best performance. Professionals will lead you through the most incredible, astonishing, and delicious restaurants and wine farms of the chosen region. Choose any direction from the rich spectrum of culinary travel - wine tastings, culinary classes, exclusive products and beverages that will bring an incredible delight to your taste buds.

We invite you to see the most amazing, mysterious and sacred places of the planet - streets, plazas, museums, theaters, restaurants and much more, regardless of whether you choose popular or brand new route.