Turkish resorts offer a variety of complex recovery procedures: programs for weight loss, anti-stress program, rehabilitation programs for businessmen, cosmetic treatment, postpartum recovery, treatment of rheumatism.
There are natural thermal pools in many resorts. Pamukkale, Yalova, Oruchoglu and others become more popular every year among tourists, whose aim is not only to relax but to remedy health.

Very popular hot springs are situated in northern Turkey, in Kangal area. Those mineral waters contain zinc and selenium, which helps in the treatment of psoriasis.

Other Turkish balneological resort is no less popular – Kemer. Local thalassotherapy activates the body's defenses, restoring its normal functions.

There are seventeen hot springs on the territory of Pamukkale - another beautiful Turkish spa resort. The resort has successfully treated rheumatism, cardiovascular and neurological disease, kidney disease.

The largest Turkish spa center Balchova based on the place of ancient thermal springs.
It treats people suffering from rheumatism, intestinal diseases and skin, metabolic disorders, chronic inflammations. In addition to mud and thermal baths, patient can find there massage treatments, electrotherapy and physical therapy, microcurrent therapy, and courses of health physical exercises.