Spas and resorts

Nowadays SPA holiday is not just infatuation, but a lifestyle for many people.

International Association of SPA (ISPA) identified eight categories of water treatment:
- SPA diets which offered by SPA - and fitness centers and beauty salons;
- Club SPA - fitness centers, offering SPA services;
- SPA cruise - SPA center, offering services on a cruise ship;
- SPA center in the hotel - offering customers SPA services;
- SPA centers, based on the sources of the mineral, thermal or sea water;
- SPA resorts - SPA centers based on resorts or hotels;
- MEDI SPA-resort with a distinct medical direction;
- DAY SPA - a one-day spa in the city.

LTA will organize your SPA tour for any of these categories. 

Enjoy the best SPA resorts worldwide - Baden-Baden in Germany, Vichy, Monte Carlo or Evian in France, Carlsbad in the Czech Republic and Hungarian Cardiological Teplice Spa, Bat in England, Crete island in Greece, Abano Terme in Italy, Maldives, Seychelles, India, Goa and many others.

SPA is your journey to the health and beauty.