In Italy there is the largest number of thermal springs in the Mediterranean.

In northern Italy (Veneto region), it is spa and mud baths widespread, which are effective in the treatment of rheumatism, gynecological diseases and disorders of the respiratory system.

On the southern thermal resorts there dominate sulfur water with a high content of chloride, iodine and bromine salts of sodium, which are recommended for metabolism disorders, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and skin diseases.

In Toscana there are more famous thermal spas than in any other Italian province. Medical properties of the local hot springs - Saturnia, Chianciano, Montecatini - known since ancient times.

Baile Lazio region primarily known for the famous water of Fiuggi, which unique structure allows to dissolve and remove kidney stones.

Ischia called the island of eternal youth and beauty – here are the world-famous institutes of thalassotherapy as well as the sources of radon water, which helps patients with arthritis and rheumatism, obesity and metabolic disorders.