Israel possesses one of the highest levels of health protection and medical development and takes a leading place in the world based on the results and the quality of care. SPA resorts of Israel and the Dead Sea offering their visitors a unique programs of recovery. 

Dead Sea water, salt and mud contain almost all the basic elements of the table of Mendeleyev. Among them, 21 types of different minerals, 12 of which are unique. 
Local tanning is the safest due to the fact that the Dead Sea is situated below the world ocean level and solar ultraviolet light is filtered through a particularly thick layer of the atmosphere. Here, the highest in the world atmospheric pressure and oxygen content in the air that creates the effect of the natural pressure chamber. 
The local drinking water is high in selenium - mineral, that suppresses growth of abnormal cells. Resort has no analogues in the world in the treatment of skin diseases - from 80 to 90% of patients achieve complete remission after passing a three-week course of treatment. 

In addition, oxygenated air of the Dead Sea helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Also local centers accept patients with neurological and andrological diseases and offer variety of wellness programs with mud baths and body wrap of black clay. 

Hamat Gader, which has popular hot springs are located to the southeast of the Sea of Galilee. Thermo-mineral water of Hamat Gader has two important properties: the warming and enriching with minerals. The resort offers a wide range of water treatments and various massages. 

Hamey-Tveria is the big resort that has 17 healthful springs on the territory. Mineral water sources originate at a depth of about 2 km, and their temperature reaches 62 ° C. They contain sodium chloride and calcium chloride, as well as fluoride, bromide, borax, lithium, copper, chromium, magnesium, manganese, strontium, and others. Numerous surveys of patients who past several courses of treatment showed weakening of phantom pains, diminishing of lumbar pains, lower blood sedimentation rate in rheumatic diseases. 

Herzliya is a city in the valley of Sharon on the coast between Tel Aviv and Netanya - offers the newest achievements in medical research and treatment. Herzliya Medical Center is famous in different countries – among the patients there are many foreigners.