Individualized health care program, developed by LTA, ensure you receive the highest quality medical services at clinics of Europe and Israel.

We are working closely with the clinics, which have shown excellent results in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, diseases of the spine and joints, diabetes, impotence and infertility, as well as the states that require transplants and prosthetics.

LTA undertakes complete organization of diagnostics and treatment of you and your family:
Services of clinic selection;
Drafting of preliminary treatment plan and the calculation of future expenses;
Organization of medical consultations and hospital treatment;
Hotels and houses reservation;
Registration of necessary document for a journey – from visas and insurances to the airline tickets;
Air and ground ambulance;
Transfers and car rental;
Recruitment of personnel required - interpreter, nurse, etc.;
Providing to the patient necessary level of comfort and additional services;
Granting the conclusion on the outcome of the treatment;

Insurance companies are provided with all necessary documents of financial statements (accounts, invoices, etc).

A clinic, which we recommend, must provide exact diagnosis of the disease and determine medical strategies, effective treatment on the basis of diagnosis, involvement of invited specialists and to ensure interoperability with other clinics (if necessary), providing complete financial statements.

We sincerely wish you good health and longevity, and will make every effort to restore your health and save it.